Uggs To Hugs - Kel Spencer - The Ugg Boots Song

“Uggs to Hugs” tells the modern-day “love at first sight” story, with East New York, Brooklyn, as the backdrop. With melodic undertones reminiscent of summer favorites such as “Around the Way Girl” (LL Cool J) or Electric Relaxation (A Tribe Called Quest), Kel plays with the idea that even in the heat of Summer, Uggs can still look good on the right woman. Featuring the vocally talented Jesse Boykins III, “Uggs to Hugs” is definitely the song that’s missing from the rotation of American radio stations current program rosters.

Kel Spencer - Uggs To Hugs (ft. Jesse Boykins III) - Directed by Oliver Covrett

Rather than taking the route of cannibalizing the moment where a man first meets a woman, Kel chooses both a non-traditional route along with a common phrase to speak to the lady of interest. As his boys (choosing to feature his local crew, the Brooklyn Spartans) begin to see that his attention is taken away from the conversation, backdrops of popular local streets along with the progression of the start to a friendship (or more) begins. Who knew that a boot (referred to as “Baked Potatoes” in the video) could not only start such a trend first made popular by Hollywood, but also transcend to the streets of Brooklyn and start “real” conversation.

Kel Spencer the solo artist is fairly new to the scene, but as a writer, has been around for quite some time; he’s penned hits for a trough of musicians including Wyclef, Nick Cannon, Teddy Riley and Will Smith, including the smash hit “Switch,” which received an American Music Award in 2005. Under his company co-owned with his brother, 3RD Power Music Group, he’s released dozens of mixtapes, as well as performed in over 75 showcases, and hosted events for major companies, most recently opening events for Sprite. When he’s not working on music for himself or other artists, he dedicates his time by serving as a community leader, preparing to launch “Pens of Power,” an after-school literacy program in 2010.

Kel’s current project includes Salon Stories, where “Uggs to Hugs” and “Look Atcha” (featured shortly within the video) are just some of the many “radio-ready” tunes you’ll find on his album, scheduled for an October 20 digital release on iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon and other online retailers, as well as Hosted by MC Lyte, and featuring other artists such as Q-tip, Hal Linton, Def Poets and Lydia Caesar, buzz for the project have seen tremendous feedback, including thousands of daily hits via major hip-hop video sites such as World Star Hip Hop & On Smash, as well as gaining the favor of bloggers. With a positive message underlying throughout the album, Kel’s attempt to answer the timeless questions of Mars and Venus as it stands today are imminently present on every track.

The Salon Stories Album Sampler

2.Dreamboat ft. Quana
3.Salon Skit #1
4.Shine All Day-Grandmaster Flash ft. Q-tip & Jumz
5.Uggs to Hugs Snippett ft Jesse Boykins III
6.Salon Skit #2
7.Murderer ft. Hal Linton
8.Be Together ft. Chozn
9.Salon Skit #3


Lyrics by Kel Spencer

Uggs to Hugs, Friends to Romance
I'll get it warm even in the Summer Time
Uggs to Hugs, Friends to Romance
I'll get it warm even in the Summer Time
All I need is a Chance
I think I like you,
Should I step to you or write you,
A "Yes, No, Maybe" letter like Junior High School
I'm thinking 'bout all the stuff I might to
I'm thinking 'bout how you crossed my path
On a Brooklyn block right off The Ave
I'm thinking back and forth and forth and back
About crazy things like engagement rings
Yup, this is a crush
Officially, I'm picturing imagery this'll be us
5 Bedroom crib, 2.4 kids
All of y'all standing backstage at my gigs
Au naturale no make up on your grill
Plus your manicure crisp no chips 'pon your nails
Real deals you gotta be the Truth
'Cause I can't stand them boots (joke) but they're cute on you

Verse 2
Eh yo, Real Talk. And I don't even really say "Real Talk"
But real talk, you should be on a billboard
Sweetie, you're the type a dude will kill for
And that concludes this segment of Real Talk
I'm digging your style, Make a dude wanna wife it up right now
Smile and hair like, Aeeouw.
Stepping in a fresh new pair like Aeeouw
Tell me your name, what's your sign
Where you from, what you do for fun, What's your grind?
Who's your favorite Sex And The City Character, Karrie?
No, wait.. Miranda right? Gimme your hand so I,
Can read your palm and tell you what I see
In your future. I hope I see me, See?
Trying to let you know what the deal
Ask Adam if love at first sight is real, It's Real

Verse 3
*Talk to em, Jess...
All I need, All I need yeah
All I need, Oh, Is you...

Eh Eh, I think I'm feeling you
Sophisticated I can tell the hood is still in you
Don't trip, I dig that though
All the sudden I wanna play tic-tac-toe
Take it back, to X & O
I'll be shooting myself in the foot like Plaxico
If I don't execute and let you know
I done ran through them blocks like a Tetris Pro
Now I'm more grown, More prone to be against the horse-playing
And the hard facade these lames is portraying
I need to know if you're down
To learn a good dude, it ain't a lot of us around
You've got just what I need, I need just what you've got
So why mess around? Let's take it to the spot
You're looking for romance, so why not take my hand
And keep it warm at night. So why dare deny it?
Why? Why? 
KS, Jesse Boykins III, Locsmif'
Why? Fight It? Not tonight...

Uggs to Hugs, Friends to Romance
I'll keep it warm, Keep it warm, Yeah...
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